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Desktop Browser Version Market Share May 2013

Posted in Technology on Jun 3rd 2013 9:00am - by #teami4U

Cross-browser compatibility is an important but also tedious topic for team i4U. During the website development process, we try to create our sites to be inline with various (and every-changing) web standards to ensure they work within most relevent browsers.

It's always interesting to see the market share change from month to month, as new browser versions are released and as people change the browsers they're using.

Desktop Browser Version Market Share May 2013

Desktop Browser Version Market Share May 2013
» Last month's worldwide desktop browser version market share, courtesy of Net Marketshare

When it comes to viewing your website (and the of them on the Internet...), the safest bet is to keep your browser updated with the latest version, no matter which one you're using. If you're one of the 0.3% of the Australian population still using IE6 (see www.ie6countdown.com), we really hope that you'll upgrade your Internet Explorer browser by the time you finish reading this! Note: At this stage, i4U is developing and supporting sites using Internet Explorer versions 8+.

If your site isn't compatible with the newer browsers, or if you need a freshen up, contact us! For any questions on browsers or upgrading, just submit them in the comments box below.

- #teami4U


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