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Website Development

Website is the modern day tool in marketing products and service through the internet. Technically speaking, a website is a collection of web pages, videos, images and other digital or multimedia tools which is accessible through internet. A web site is usually hosted on one or more web servers which are also called HTTP server.  Its pages are usually accessed from a common root URL which is called the homepage. This homepage resides on the same physical server. Before any of this things or processes could be utilized, the whole process of website development must be first completed.
When a Website Development Company is employed to deliver their expertise, the company would usually go through a standard phase such as:

  • Planning and Decision Phase – both parties will have to present what they need (client) and what they can provide (Web site Development Company).Usually a deposit for the services is then required together with contract signing.

Immediately after the signing they provider would secure the domain name desired of the client.

  • Graphic Design Phase – the developer will start working on the project while constantly keeping in touch with the client.  All designs and changes will all be totally based on the client’s objective. Once the final design and modifications are made the interior page layout will follow, converting the design to HTML and more. The client will always be given the opportunity to view and review the website development project.
  • Web site Development and Coding Phase – this includes; Programming / Coding (includes special features such as visitor interactive); Web site Pages (this will contain the inputs you made which will be presented in static or dynamic pages as needed.); Website Navigation (Navigation links or drop down menus); Site Map (Site map page which will provide a one-click access to all the web pages); Site Content (Logo, photos and text content); CSS Stylesheet ( this will define font faces, styles, sizes and colors for consistency); Website Favicon (a small image that displays in the address bar); and Response Forms / Email Content Forms
  • Testing Phase – this is the total test of the whole website development from Search Engine Readiness Check, Browser compatibility testing, Grammar and Spell Check, Dead Link Check to Forms and Programming.
  • The Launch Phase - this phase in the website development would require final payment before the launch website and error testing. After the launch and the testing and zipped archive of all websites files will be awarded to the client together with the Instructions and Documentations and the Search Engine Submission.
  • Completion Phase – Minor adjustments and changes are made during the website development. This is the final step where the provider and the client will meet for final changes (minor) in the website design.

Website development are done by professional company that is equipped with the technical know how to produce a stunning custom website design. These professionals are capable of providing the business with the solution that will give an increase in the website development business transactions online.